Wolves News · Timber Creek Athletics Rank 5th in Southeast Region

Each month VNN tallies the number of hits each high school athletic website receive. The more hits, clicks or traffic we receive on our athletic website, the more likely we will have businesses interested in purchasing ads to be placed on our website. The Timber Creek Athletics website closes out the school year with a strong finish and ranks 5th out of all high schools in the southeast region for the month of May. This includes over 100 plus highs schools located in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia who are in the VNN network.

Also, one aspect we will be looking at for next year is adding a lot more action shots, pictures and highlights of games throughout each season. If you have a son or daughter that attends Timber Creek and you plan on attending games for the 2018-2019 school year there are several ways you can help. Please take a moment and check out the following ways that you not only can help with our athletic website but also help raise money for our program.

Go Wolves!