Boys Varsity Football · TC Athletics | What is your Favorite Memory?

Hey TC Community!

‪It’s been over a week without sports and we are already missing our Wolves!‬

‪We want to continue to be positive during this difficult time as we patiently wait for our return to school and athletics.

With that being said, we are asking you all to retweet and/or comment a favorite moment from the 2019-2020 season under this post. This can include a photo or video clip along with a short explanation of your favorite memory. Be sure to use the hashtags – #WeAreTC and #FavoriteMemory. We would love to hear from you!

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We started by sharing a photo from all the way back to August during summer football workouts!

One of our favorite seniors – Aiden Lewin during summer football camp reminding us that he is all that! and to make sure we are always hydrating! Aiden is a dual sport athlete – a member of the varsity football team and boys weightlifting team. He was also nominated as our Gators male student athlete of the month in September. We are super proud of him and we will certainly miss him next year.

Go Wolves!