Multiple Teams · @Gatorsdkside Top Moments of 2019-20 | Sweet 16 Bracket Release

We are excited to announce our Sweet 16 Bracket Release! Congratulations to the following teams who advanced to the Sweet 16 Bracket Release for our Gators Dockside Top Moments of 2019-20.

The seedings are based on the number of votes in the play-in round. The top seeds goes to the team with the most votes and so on. The 16 teams will compete against each other in their respective brackets on separate days with each poll lasting 24 hours.

Our first pairing kicks off today at 10AM! Remember to vote and share with your friends, family and your community!

#1 Football  vs #16 Girls Water Polo (May 1st, 10AM to 10AM)

#2 Boys Basketball  vs #15 Boys Soccer  (May 2nd, 10AM to 10AM)

#3 B/G Tennis  vs #14 Girls Weightlifting  (May 3rd, 10AM to 10AM)

#4 Baseball  vs #13 Boys Lacrosse  (May 4th, 10AM to 10AM)

#5 B/G Cross Country  vs #12 Girls Bowling  (May 5th, 10AM to 10AM)

#6 Girls Soccer  vs #11 Girls Volleyball  (May 6th, 10AM to 10AM)

#7 Flag Football  vs #10 Boys Wrestling  (May 7th, 10AM to 10AM)

#8 Boys Volleyball  vs #9 Girls Basketball  (May 8th, 10AM to 10AM)

*The winners and updated bracket for the Elite 8 will be announced at 11AM on Saturday, May 9th.

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