Boys Varsity Football · TC Athletics News | Introducing our VNN Sports Crew

Attention TC Community!

We would like announce and recognize one of our newest additions to the Timber Creek Athletics program – our VNN Sports Crew. This is a new club at Timber Creek this year involving our students who collaborate and work together with one goal in mind: incorporate more news articles, game highlights, media (photos/videos) and graphics into our athletics website. This helps boost awareness for our athletics program and our student athletes in the Timber Creek community. The members of the VNN Sports Crew work in individual teams and focus on one specific sports team interviewing coaches and players, taking down stats as well as taking photography/videos during games/events.

We are extremely excited about this new club involving our athletics program so this week we would like to introduce our football crew. A big shout out to these students for all their hard work to help improve the Timber Creek Athletics Program. This is a special group who are all currently seniors this year so they will be missed!

Go Wolves!

Meet the VNN Sports Crew (Football)

Edward Finan (Sr) – PresidentEdward Finan
VNN Sports Crew Role: Videography/Photography
GPA: 3.7 Unweighted, 4.5 Weighted
Future Plans: I was recently committed to UCF and will major in Digital and Emerging Media. After working with the UCF sports team like I did here at Timber Creek and graduating, I plan to go to a professional sports team in Florida and work on video and photography within the team, whether that be for a team or even a major sports broadcasting team like NBC or ESPN. 
Hobbies: Videography and Photography for TC; editing videos; playing ice hockey; and hanging out with friends. 
Favorite Sports Teams: The Tampa Bay Lightning and Baltimore Ravens
“I’m proud of our team for transitioning during these unusual times we live in now, and I hope our team will inspire the next group to do videography and the many other things we do at Wolf TV and in this club. I can’t thank everyone involved enough, everyone will forever have a place in my heart on my journey to where I am and what I am going to become. Thank you!”


David “Dax” Yoakum (Sr) Dax Yoakum
VNN Sports Crew Role: Stat Line
GPA: 3.4 Unweighted, 4.1 Weighted
Future Plans: I would love to major in Statistics, then eventually make my way into an MLB Front Office, following the footsteps of my dad. Hopefully, this would allow me to be able travel across the United States to bigger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. 
Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with my friends, from people in VNN such as Paxson, Edward, Damian, Adriana and Katelyn, to my friends I get to watch on the gridiron such as Isaiah and Jaden, and my other friends Xavier, Daniella, Chris, Jonny, Nicole, and so many other great people.
Favorite Sports Teams: The Chicago White Sox (MLB), Miami Dolphins (NFL) and Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA).
Fun Fact: I’ve sung the National Anthem with a Pizza delivery guy.


Damian Gonzalez (Sr)Damian Gonzalez
VNN Sports Crew Role: Editor
GPA: 3.8 Unweighted – 4.9 Weighted
Future Plans: For college I plan to attend either Florida State University if I choose to stay in-state or go to Georgia Tech if the opportunity presents itself. During my time at either school I go to I ideally want to major in computer science and minor in either sports management or analytics. With that being said, I would most likely pursue a job involving game design or with a major sports broadcasting company (unless I go with sports management in which case I would look to work with a team directly).
Hobbies: I love watching sports, but I also enjoy playing them. My primary sport is basketball but I have a general passion for all sports, hence why I chose to join this club. If it is categorized as a sport then there’s a very high chance I will watch it or play it no matter what it is. I currently play for an AAU team for basketball and have been doing so for the past six years. Outside of sports, I’m very passionate about all things computer and technology, as I have certification in multiple Adobe applications and know a fair amount of two programming languages (Java and JavaScript). Recently I have also gone into things like video editing and going more in-depth with graphic design as those are things that also interest me. Lastly, if it wasn’t clear by what I want my future profession to be in the future, one of my most consistent hobbies is playing video games, in fact I think I’ve spent at least thirty minutes on video games daily (and that’s being generous).
Favorite Sports Teams: The Orlando Magic (NBA), New York Giants (NFL), New York Yankees (MLB), New York Rangers (NHL), LA Galaxy (MLS), Paris Saint-Germain FC (Champions League), University of Duke (College MBB), University of Miami (College MFB), and one of my favorite past times is watching the Olympics every two years (including winter).
Other Clubs: Cancer Awareness Society & Programming Team


Katelyn Remboldt (Sr)Katelyn Remboldt
VNN Sports Crew Role: Videography/Photography
GPA: 3.6 (unweighted) 4.4 (weighted)
Future Plans: After high school, I plan to go to Florida State University or the University of Central Florida to major in Communications and Disorders. I want to be a Pediatric Speech Therapist one day. Helping kids has always been a dream of mine, so I’m very excited to start that journey.
Hobbies: In my free time, I like to babysit, take care of my siblings (I have a 12-year-old sister and a 3-year-old sister), I like watching movies or hanging out with my friends. I usually volunteer at daycares or babysit on the weekends. Kids just make me happy. Occasionally ill go surfing, and I go fishing in the ocean with my family sometimes- I guess you can say I’m an outdoors kind of person.
Other Clubs: Helping the Homeless, ASL club, BETA
“Corona has been hard for everyone, so I always look forward to going to these games because I get to have a sense of normalcy, and I get to see some friends of mine.” 


Paxson Wright (Sr)Paxson Wright
VNN Sports Crew Role: State Line
GPA: 3.5
Future Plans: I really hope to get into UCF and I plan to major in Athletic Training. I plan to try and become an athletic trainer for a college sports team or a professional sports team. I think it would be really fun to be a part of a big sports team and be able to keep the athletes healthy as well as travel around with the team.
Hobbies: I am a part of the Timber Creek Varsity baseball team. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I enjoy watching my favorite sports teams – Boston Red sox(MLB), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers(NFL).



Cory Gunning (Sr)Cory Gunning
VNN Sports Crew Role: Videography/Photography
GPA: Weighted- 4.0 Unweighted of 3.3 
Future Plans: I plan to go to college to play baseball and move forward in my life with doing so. I do not know at the moment what I want to study in college as a major. I want to start proceeding in business, as a major and start off in college doing that. 
Sports: I play baseball as my main sport
Hobbies:  I play on a paintball team over the summer and go to tournaments to compete and win. 
Other Clubs: SGA
“I am very excited to be a part of the sports and clubs that are offered at Timber Creek and I think it is very important for people to participate in order to be involved. Thank you!”


*The VNN Sports Crew is sponsored by Mr. Sam Mizener and Mr. Cameron Stevens.